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Definition of thermal insulating silicon film
Jun 29, 2017

Thermal silica film is based on silica gel, adding metal oxides and other auxiliary materials, through a special process synthesis of a thermal media material, is designed for the use of gap heat transfer of the design program production, can fill gaps, the heat transfer between the heating parts and the radiating parts, and also the insulation, damping, sealing and other functions, can meet the miniaturization of equipment and ultra-thin design requirements, is extremely technical and use, and thickness applicable to a wide range, is an excellent heat conductive filler material.

Effect of thermal insulating silicon film

Function: Heat conduction, insulation, flame retardant, wear-resisting, filling clearance, compression, buffer, etc.

Use: for electrical and electronic products control motherboard, motor, external pads and mats, electronic appliances, automotive machinery, laptops, computer mainframe, DVD, VCD and any need to fill and cooling module materials.

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