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Development prospect of Silicone
Jun 29, 2017

Several major foreign silicone companies to make every possible effort to rationalize production, and strive to reduce costs, in production to seize the impact of product quality and cost of key factors to improve competitiveness, such as: continuous expansion of the size of methyl chloride single vulcanization bed; continuously improve the content of two methyl two silane in the methyl chloride silane; The gas-phase silica production plant used as silicone rubber in the vicinity of the methyl chloride silane production plant, in order to utilize the byproduct in the production of methyl chloride silane, attaches great importance to the logistics cost of resources supporting transportation in the production process, Full of the most reasonable layout, the most economical scale of production. 

In recent years for some of our country's production enterprises in the past efforts to achieve gratifying results, but still a lot of enterprises are still in a blind state, blindly expand the scale of production according to market needs or repeated technology introduction, lack of technical and economic argumentation, resulting in economic benefits landslides or losses.

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