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How to use thermal silica gel
Jun 29, 2017

The main purpose of selecting thermal conductivity silicon film is to reduce the contact heat resistance between the heat source surface and the contact surface of the heat dissipation device.

The thermal silica film can fill the clearance of the contact surface well, the air is extruded to the contact surface, the air is a bad conductor of heat, which will seriously hinder the transfer of heat between the contact surfaces; With the addition of heat-conducting silicon film, the contact surface can be better contact, truly face-to-face contact. The reaction at the temperature can be as small as possible.

Thermal conductivity of silica gel is relative, although in the flexible material its thermal conductivity is good, generally in 0. $number. 5w (M K k), a few performance may be higher, but not more than 2w (M K k). Compared to water 0.5, vulcanized rubber 0.22, Vaseline 0.184 and so on, a little higher. But with the cement of 1.5w (M K K) has no advantage. The thermal conductivity of almost all metals is much higher than that of thermal silica. The thermal conductivity of metallic gold, silver and copper is between 330 and the thermal conductivity of aluminum is about 200. Thermal Silica gel itself is not a hot conductor, the role of thermal silica gel is to fill the gap between heat and radiator. Therefore, the use of thermal silicon is thinner and better, can smear 0.1-0.5 mm thick thermal conductivity silicone to fill the gap, the effect is much better than 1 mm thick silicon film.

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