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Main factors affecting the performance of thermal conductivity silicone grease
Jun 29, 2017

Heat conductive silicone grease is a kind of thermal conductivity material, its thermal conductivity of silicone is very simple, we only need to understand the thermal conductivity of silicone grease performance parameters can be judged its thermal conductivity.

I. Thermal conductivity: This parameter is one of the important indexes to judge the performance of heat-conductive silicone grease, which refers to the heat transfer of materials with a temperature difference of 1 degrees Celsius on both sides of the surface under the condition of steady heat conduction, with "λ" indicating that the unit is w/m · degree (W M S K,). The higher the thermal conductivity of silicone, the better the performance, of course, the price is more expensive.

Thermal Resistance: Resistance is a comprehensive parameter that reflects the ability to prevent heat transfer. In the engineering application of heat transfer, in order to meet the requirements of production process, heat transfer can be enhanced by reducing thermal resistance, and heat transfer is inhibited by increasing heat resistance. In the heat-conducting silicone grease, the smaller the heat resistance of the product the better the heat transfer effect.

Third, solid content: the coefficient in the heat conduction silicone grease is defined under the conditions of drying silicone after the remaining portion of the total mass of the percentage. The higher the solid content of silicone fat viscosity higher, the feeling of the more hard.

IV. Oil content: Generally speaking, the lower the oil content of the heat-conductive silicone grease, the better, because the high oil content of silicone fat in the storage time will be a little longer after the separation of some grease, these oils will be to a certain extent hinder the conduction of heat. Therefore, we need to remove the grease from the silicone grease when we replace the heat-conductive silicone grease to prevent the degradation of the thermal conductivity of silicone grease.

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