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Organic Silicone
Jun 29, 2017

Silicones are compounds that contain Si-C bonds and at least one organic base that is directly connected to the silicon atom, and are often used as organic silicon compounds by compounds that connect organic bases to silicon atoms by oxygen, sulphur, and nitrogen. Among them, silicone oxygen (Si--O-Si) as the skeleton of Polysiloxane, is the most organic silicon compounds, the deepest research, the most widely used category, accounting for about 90% of the total dosage.

Silicone materials have a unique structure:

(1) sufficient methyl on SI atoms shields the high energy polysiloxane main chain;

(2) The-of the infinite, so that the interaction between the molecules very weak;

(3) The SI bond length is longer, the Si-Si key angle is big;

(4) The SI bond is a covalent bond with 50% ionic bonding characteristics (covalent bond has directionality, and ionic bonds have no directionality).

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