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Performance summary of thermal conductivity mortar
Jun 29, 2017

Heat-conducting mortar is also commonly known as heat conductive mud or thermal gel, is based on silica gel, filled with a variety of high-performance ceramic powder made of a similar to the clay-like type of a thermal conductive clays, the following good day Fung Small series for everyone summed up under the thermal conductivity of the performance advantages and disadvantages, the first thermal conductivity of the performance advantages of mortar has the following six points:

First: Heat conductive mortar high thermal conductivity, ultra low heat resistance, can realize industrial automation dispensing technology, for customers to reduce artificial.

Second: thermal conductivity mortar insulation, can be infinitely compressed, thermal conductivity mortar itself and the same plasticity, easy to match the thickness of the requirements of a change in product design.

Third: Thermal mortar in the production of the static use of the process is not deformed and its anti-aging performance is excellent.

IV: Thermal Conductive mortar in the production of easy operation, fixed firmly, not easy to fall off, not corrosive.

Five: The softness of the heat conductive mortar suitable for the filling of the gap, in the heat dissipation components of good give, not to seep oil, not volatile, do not need to produce chemical reaction.

Sixth: Thermal conductivity mortar has superior high-temperature resistance, excellent weather resistance, radiation resistance and superior dielectric and other properties.

The disadvantages of the heat conductive mortar are summarized as follows:

First: Thermal conductivity mortar is not elastic, excessive extrusion, will be the thermal conductivity of the spill.

Second: The thermal conductivity mortar has no bonding strength, need to be fixed with the components.

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