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Thermal Silica Gel Application Range
Jun 29, 2017

Thermal silica gel can be widely coated in a variety of electronic products, electrical equipment in the heating body (power tube, SCR, electric heating reactor, etc.) and cooling facilities (heat sinks, heat sinks, shells, etc.) between the contact surface, the role of heat transfer media and moisture, dustproof, anti-corrosion, Shockproof and other properties. Applicable to microwave communication, microwave transmission equipment, microwave-specific power supply, voltage regulator, such as a variety of microwave devices surface coating or the whole potting, such silicon materials on the production of thermal electronic components, providing excellent thermal conductivity. Such as: transistors, CPU assembly, thermistor, temperature sensors, automotive electronic components, automotive refrigerators, power modules, printers first class. K Thermal conductivity Silicon film.

Packaging storage

1, 100 M branch, 100 Branch/box and 300m branch, 25 branch/box two kinds of packing.

2, storage period of 12 months (8-25 Shan).

3, belongs to the non dangerous goods, may according to the General chemical transportation, the careful in the transportation process leaks!

4, more than the retention period should be confirmed that there is no abnormal rear can be used.

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