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Characteristics Of High Strength Silicone Sealant
Jun 29, 2017

1, excellent high-strength adhesion: With High-strength, strong adhesion, can be bonded to glass, metal, plastic and other materials, the material is not corrosive;

2, excellent high-low temperature stability: can use a wide range of temperature, can be in-40 Shan to Porter 250, the lowest temperature can withstand to 60 Shan, the highest temperature can be close to Porter 250, but also maintain stability.

3, weather-resistant excellent: excellent UV-resistant, moisture-proof, ozone, moisture and anti-aging characteristics are not affected by the climate, even in the outdoor long-term use does not degenerate.

4, excellent absorption and buffering: The product has the elasticity function, all is the toughness extremely good elastomer, absorbs the vibration and the shock, has the good and the cushioning effect, to the electron, the electrical appliances, the glass and so on fragile goods provides the extremely good shock-resistant shock and the reliability.

5, Excellent insulation: Silicone products have good insulation and superior corona resistance, resistance to leakage characteristics. Therefore, electronic, electrical and other products can provide protection, sealing and insulation function

6, Safety and reliability: This product is a single component of ketone oxime type RTV silicone rubber, in line with EU RoHS Directive requirements, flame retardant grade ($literal level).