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High Strength Silicone Sealant
Jun 29, 2017

High strength Bonding silicone sealant is a single group of RTV silicone rubber. It is through the condensation reaction of moisture in the air that the low molecule causes crosslinking curing, and the vulcanization becomes a high-performance elastomer. After curing, the release of alcohol-like substances, the vast majority of metals non-corrosive. Excellent resistance to hot and cold alternating properties, aging resistance and electrical insulation performance. The adhesive layer has excellent moisture-proof, anti-seismic, corona resistance, leakage resistance and high and low temperature. Excellent extrusion, suitable for manual dispensing of machines. Non-swelling and good adhesion to most metals and non-metallic materials. Can seal the electronic components bonding effect and the surrounding environment does not produce pollution, fully in line with the EU RoHS Directive requirements.

High strength bonding silicone sealant is suitable for various structural bonding seals in industrial production. Especially suitable for silicone and silica gel, silica gel and metal, ceramics, plastic, glass, wood and other materials of bonding; apply to all kinds of lighting, capacitors, transistors and small household appliances, bonding and insulation; metal and a variety of non-porous material bonding and installation of glass, the sealing and sealing of the small or thin layer (usually less than 6mm) electronic components, modules, photoelectric display and circuit board; Smart Electronic accessories Moisture Proof Waterproof package, insulation and various circuit board protection coating Electrical and communication equipment waterproof coating, LED display module and the pixel of waterproof packaging.