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Silicone Sealant Considerations
Jun 29, 2017

1. Keep away from children.

2, electronic and electrical appliance bonding sealed silicone rubber in the curing process will release small molecules, skin and eyes have a slight stimulating effect, recommended in good ventilation.

3, if you accidentally contact the skin, wipe clean, and then rinse with water, if you accidentally contact the eyes, rinse immediately with water and to the hospital to check.

Packaging and Storage

1, the product uses 100ml metal hose or 310ml plastic tube packaging.

2, it should be stored in a dry, cool, ventilated warehouse under the temperature of 25 Shan.

3, under this condition, the original unopened products from the production date of the effective storage period of 1 years. More than the effective storage period can be used after inspection.

4. This product is non-toxic and nonflammable. Transported by non-dangerous goods.