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Silicone Sealant Use
Jun 29, 2017

1, with acetone or gasoline with absorbent cotton to remove the need to seal the joint surface oil, etc., in the 15 cool dry 15 30min standby.

2, depending on the combination of surface and clearance size will be evenly extruded, coating the combination of the combination of the surface to squeeze a small apron appropriate, coating the amount should not be too much, so as not to tarnish other surface or plugging the oil circuit. When used in the joint surface sealing of threaded workpiece, the coated liquid gasket shall be carried out along the thread direction of the screw or bolt, and the thread can be coated with a brush.

3, the combination of surface coating liquid sealing pad, rapid combination of fastening, from the glue to the combination of the time interval should be controlled in 0.5h.

4, after the combination of the parts under the 23 vulcanization 12h, can enter the next process. The pressure test of the part should be done after 24h vulcanization.

5, after vulcanization, residual in the joint surface of the liquid seal can be sharp knife to cut to the surface of the adhesion outside the plastic film, but do not allow the use of forced tearing. It can also be wiped with a cotton yarn stained with petrol.

6, demolition, can be used to hammer along the side of the joint surface, loose after the glue on the bonding surface can be scraped with copper scraping, but also can be stained with petrol cotton yarn wiped.