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8W Silicone Free Thermal Pad for Laptop

8W silicone free thermal pad for laptop

Serial Number: DR40 T07 

Color: Any 

Hardness Shore C: 10-70 

Density: 2.85  g/cm³

Thermal Conductivity:  1.5 w/m*k

Thermal Impedance:  0.0095 m²k/w

Tensil strength: 0.38  MPa

Elongation:  95%   

Flame resistance:  V0 UL94

Weight loss:  ≤0.8% @150℃ 7 days

Resistance: 6.7×1010 Ω*cm

Dielectric Strength : ≥8 KV/mm

Key Performance

1 1.52W Real thermal conductivity 

2 High compressibility  

3 Natural tack 

4 Large Hardness range 65~75


Die cutting: Available

Stock: Gray, White, Black, Pink color

We're one of the professional China manufacturers and suppliers specialized in thermal interface material. If you're interested in our 8w silicone free thermal pad for laptop, welcome to place orders for the quality products in stock with our factory. The free sample is also available for quality checking if you need.